"I Shall Not Live in Vain"

                                                    ~ Emily Dickinson

Paul and Lila  Lorusso

Paul and Lila LorussoFew have the opportunity to craft their own legacy. Yet despite their success Paul and Lila Lorusso have managed to do just that.

Born in 1921 to Italian immigrants Paul Lorusso was raised with his five brothers in Walpole MA. After graduating from high school in 1939 he attended the University of Maine upon completion he was accepted to Harvard Law School where he graduated with honors.

During World War II, he became a flight instructor for the P38 and PS1 fighters…. After serving his country Paul was discharged in 1945, he settled in Ohio where he met and married Lila Lee Huddy, “The love of his life”.
Paul and Lila founded success in Cadillac/Oldsmobile franchise. That success grew to include a very successful coal business in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

In 1957 Paul and Lila moved to Cape Cod after spending summers with his “second mom and dad” attorney Joseph Welch and his wife Judith. It was the beauty of the Cape and the Welch’s son Lyndon (Paul’s best friend) that made the move so enticing.

It was in that same year that Paul started Hyannis Sand & Gravel – over the years that followed Paul was very active in Rotary, helped start the YMCA, was a trustee of two banks and Cape Cod Hospital, and was directly responsible for starting twenty-nine high school(interact) and college(rotoract) chapters of Rotary in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The early 60’s provided Paul an opportunity to address concerns about the Cape’s seasonal unemployment… As a result of countless meeting with town officials – and area north of Route 132 was designated an industrial zone ( the most inclusive zoning available for industrial, commercial and even residential use). Then in 1964 with a unanimous approval by Barnstable Town meeting members Independence Park was born.

As the 60’s progressed Paul enticed different businesses to locate in Independence Park – in some instances the Lorusso’s donated the land and built the building for a particular firm. It was a good beginning to Paul’s dream of year round Cape employment.

Then in 1971, personal tragedy struck. The Lorusso’s 17 year old son and only child Lyndon, died when a large gravel loader tipped over onto him … Grief stricken Paul and Lila took a European trip – and it was on this trip that they decided to start the Lyndon Lorusso Charitable Foundation in order to keep his memory alive.

Since Lyndon’s Lorusso’s death, the words of the poet Emily Dickinson “I shall not live in vain,” have become the driving force of Paul and Lila Lorusso’s lives as they have endeavored to create living accomplishments for their son. 

Beneficiaries of the Foundation- among others

• Cape Cod Hospital • Cape Cod Community College • Osterville Village Library 
• YMCA • Camp Lyndon • MSPCC
• Hyannis Youth Center • Housing Assistance • Hospice
• Child & Family Services • Cape Cod Child Development • Capabilities